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Natural Beauty
Gen Z Redefining Beauty
Webinar - February 1st 12pm GMT

Join us at our beauty futures online event, where we will explore how Gen Z is redefining beauty and how Gen Z will continue to influence the industry into 2023.

The blend of physical and digital shapes Gen Z consumerism, and we will explore which new beauty trends will emerge due to Gen Z's experimental digital behavior. Furthermore, we will explore how Gen Z's view on mental health will affect the beauty industry and have new market demands emerging.


Gen Z increasingly expects to live freer than ever and construct their own identity rather than the one prescribed to them by society. We will explore how Gen Z's gender-fluent approach will affect the beauty industry. Furthermore, we will explore how Gen Z's holistic view of well-being effect beauty and makes consumers aware of how their emotions, energy levels, and menstrual cycle will affect their skin.

Join us to uncover the next frontier of beauty and unlock meaningful and profitable future business opportunities & trends that will emerge as a result of Gen Z redefining beauty.

Beauty Model

Gen Z Redefining Wellness 

Why join?


Tune in as we unlock exclusive beauty trends that will emerge due to Gen Z's approach to beauty. Discover meaningful innovation opportunities and how this game-changing generation impacts the beauty world. Get an exclusive look at our in-depth Generation Z Beauty 2023 trend report.


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What will you have access to?

•  The 45 minute long live webinar uncovering emerging trends in beauty and unlocking future business opportunities

•  Q&A session.

•  Exclusive insight into our Generation Z Redefining Beauty 2023 Trend Report.

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