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Male Beauty Market

Trend description:

Society has shifted, with Gen Z starting to embrace gender neutrality and change their definitions of feminity and masculinity. By 2024, the global male grooming market is estimated to be worth about 81.2 billion U.S. dollars, according to Statista. According to grand-wire research, the global men's personal care market was valued at USD 30.8 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.1% from 2022 to 2030.



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Meditative Beauty Rituals

As the daily practice of meditation is becoming normal amongst Gen Z's, brands are taking advantage of that opportunity to incorporate meditation into their products & offerings.


According to a report conducted by Sciences Direct, rituals have proven to reduce anxiety. Adopting a routine helps costumer regain a sense of control & empowerment in an uncertain environment.


Customers will seek beauty rituals to reduce stress & anxiety and take a step back to enjoy self-care. In a stress-full post Covid time, we will see how meditation & beauty rituals will come together to create synergies for brands & customers..

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Better-For-You Bubbles 

Market Trends / Gen Z Consumer Insights / Product Ideation / Visual Identity

The idea is to create the non-alcoholic CDB-infused beverage line called “Fresco”. Fresco seeks to be a great non-alcoholic alternative to champagne. The dealcoholized sparkling brut is low in sugar and calories while tasting similar to champagne. Furthermore, the beverages seek to give the consumer the same kick as consuming champagne but without the harmful effects of alcohol. The liquid contains magnesium L-threonine to lift the mood and balance the mind and L-theanine to ease tension and brighten the mind and spirit. The beverages contain CDB, which, aside from promoting a healthy nervous system and reducing anxiety and depression, may also help increase energy levels.


The intention is to create a mood-boosting, better-for-you alternative to champagne for consumers looking for a non-alcoholic drink. The bubbles can be consumed on special occasions or for a night out, by consumers that don’t want to deal with the harmful effects of alcohol. The idea is to create two different kinds of sparkling brut: a non-alcoholic sparkling Rosé Cava and a non-alcoholic Prosecco.


The non-alcoholic Prosecco is a delicious, carbonated wine crafted from hand-picked and blended wine grapes. It boasts an elegant Champagne hue with a crisp apple aroma and a dry finish. It has been de-alcoholized to retain the rich flavor and is infused with CDB, magnesium, L threonine, and L-theanine. This beverage is semi-dry, with floral and tart endnotes.


The non-alcoholic sparkling Cava Rosé is soft and refreshing, with hints of tropical aromas and a delicate, lingering finish. It has been dealcoholized to retain the rich flavor of the beautifully crafted bottle and is infused with CDB, magnesium, L threonine, and L-theanine. It has a medium flavor intensity with strawberry and raspberry flavors to give that classic Cava Rosé experience.


The idea is to create a brand with a strong social media presence and a distinctive eye-catching look targeting the Gen Z consumer while creating a better-for-you alternative to champagne. The beverage seeks to have the same mood-boosting effect as champagne. It is, therefore, a good alternative for social drinkers who want the mood-boosting benefits that champagne gives them without the negative impact. Furthermore, consumers won’t struggle with hangxiety, and these low-sugar and calorie options can make a night-out guilt-free while still enjoying the benefits of being in an uplifted mood. We’ve seen low-and-no alcohol become the fastest-growing beverage industry segment, with no signs of slowing down. In contrast, we still see a lack in the market for champagne alternatives that provide the same mood-boosting effects and similar taste.

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