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Smart Makeup Mirror

Market Trends / Gen Z Consumer Insights / Product Ideation & Prototype 

Mirror Artist", a mirror with installed AI technology, that helps make it easier for consumers to do advanced everyday makeup or late-night party looks. With the mirror, users can try on several different makeup looks thanks to Augmented Reality installed in the mirror. When the user has found a look that they like for the occasion they need need, Mirror Artist helps you re-create that look by guiding you step by step. The smart technology in the mirror knows if you are wearing the proper tone foundation or if the eyeshadow is applied correctly. Mirror artist will show users the precise areas where they must apply the makeup for the different steps, in order to achieve the desired look. When the user has been guided to create a professional makeup look, they can share that look with friends on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Instagram by taking a picture with the camera installed in the mirror. Furthermore, the mirror also allows users to shop the exact products that are used to creating the specific looks, and try on the different colors, with VR-try-on.


The smart mirror works as a personal makeup artist that assist users in creating advanced makeup looks that users most likely couldn't create by themselves. This smart mirror goes beyond watching YouTube tutorials, where people show other people how to do it. Mirror artist provides users with live feedback and helps users create professional makeup by being their virtual makeup artist.

Example by ZO Communication


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