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Smiling Youth

We help companies attract Generation Z.

What do we offer? 

Insights into Generation Z


Navigate the Gen Z consumer world using our authentic insights. As part of Gen Z, we provide a unique, native perspective and direct access to our generation's psychology, digital behavior and shopping habits.


With our deep and authentic insights, we offer more than just data; we provide useful insights in areas such as our digital behaviour, communication preferences, and our perspective on sustainability and technology.


With direct, unfiltered feedback from our generation, we ensure that your strategic decisions and initiatives not only understand, but resonate and engage effectively with Generation Z.

Trend & Market Analysis:

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Take a peek into Gen Z's dynamic market landscape with our Trend & Market analysis. Generation Z are known as trendsetters and we are here to give you a deeper understanding of what's going on among the youth and the latest trends driven by us.


Our expertise lies in keeping an eye on the latest trends and creating clarity about what is on the agenda right now and what the future might bring. We focus on categories that are relevant to your business and bring our keen insight into both current and future trends into play.


Let us help you position your brand exactly where it should be - in the heart of Generation Z.

Strategic Consulting


Our strategic consulting is a holistic approach tailored to help you gain a deeper understanding and stronger connection with Generation Z.


Our expertise covers a wide range of areas, including product portfolio, shopping experience, branding, message and digital presence – and all this with Generation Z at the center of our focus.


We work with you to position your brand and your initiatives so that they best resonate with and engage Generation Z.

Workshops & Lecture:

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Our Workshops & Lectures are created to give you in-depth insights into Generation Z and their crucial role in your company. We offer a range of topics including:

Who is Gen Z and why are we important to your business? Dive into Generation Z's characteristics, behavior patterns and preferences. Understand why our generation is critical to your company's success.

Attract and retain young Gen Z in the workplace: Gain valuable insight into how you can attract and retain young talent from Generation Z in your organization.

How will Gen Z shape the future? Explore Generation Z's visions and influence on the future, including trends and innovations that will shape our world.

Our workshops and lectures give you the necessary knowledge to navigate the changing landscape with Generation Z and thrive in the interaction with this generation.

Why ZO Communication?


Understanding on a First-Hand Basis:

While other agencies analyze Gen Z, we live as Gen Z. We provide an authentic understanding that comes from within.

Sharp Focus:

There are many demographics out there, but our expertise is exclusively focused on Gen Z, which we analyze daily. With us you get the most precise insight into this target group.

More than Data:

Our combination of in-depth analysis and authentic Gen Z experiences ensures that you get the most up-to-date and accurate advice.

Choose ZO Communication because we don't just talk about Generation Z – we live and breathe Gen Z. Our dedication, expertise and unique methods ensure that you get the best partner to understand and engage Gen Z.

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