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Vibrant selfies for vibrant people. Over

We are a Gen Z focused agency that specializes in helping businesses reach our generation.


About ZO Communication

My name is Sophia Lassen & I am the founder of ZO Communication and is at the head of ZO Communication. As a member of Gen Z with an educational background in business economics and luxury brand management, I established ZO Communication to fill a significant market gap, providing authentic insights into Generation Z

My passion for creating change and my deep understanding of Gen Z establish me as an ideal guide for companies aiming to succeed in the digital and ever-changing business landscape.


I have a bachelor's degree in business economics and organizational communication from Copenhagen Business School and a master's degree in Luxury Brand Management from Regent's University London. This combination gives me a unique understanding of both the business world and the importance of differentiating in the market.

Key Insights:

My experience includes working with Harrods where I have gained insight into the challenges traditional businesses face in meeting Generation Z. I have a in depth understanding Generation Z's values and preferences in the digital age and the challenges companies face in meeting our expectations.

Specialization & Courses:

I specialize in Futures Thinking and have participated in courses in trend analysis and future forecasting. This allows me to offer the best possible advice to our clients and keep ZO Communication up to date with the latest trends.



Tingskiftevej 5

2900 Hellerup

Copenhagen, Denmark



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