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Trend description

Inundated with an avalanche of new products, services, and information, consumers seek curation that feels human and empowers their unique identity and personal values. The wellness industry is changing towards an approach that considers individual customers' needs and preferences. As consumers are not satisfied with the one-size-fits-all approach to formulations, ingredients, and branding, companies must tap into a customized approach to attract loyal customers.


Trend drivers

Customers now expect personalization in all aspects of their lives, including their health and wellness. However, the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal has made consumers more aware of their data, causing some consumers to have privacy concerns. A study conducted by Deloitte found that the majority of respondents said privacy is still a concern, particularly in Brazil and China. Also, most respondents said they prioritize personalization more now than they did two or three years ago. More than 88% of consumers report prioritizing personalization as much as or more than they did two or three years ago in the US, UK, and Germany.


The growing demand for personalized products in wellness has seen a new trend emerging: Personalized Supplements. In a study of 5567 consumers, the marketing firm Vesta identified a need for vitamins, minerals, supplements, and hydration drinks. 60% of consumers are interested in vitamins, minerals, and supplements, with one in three interested in hydration drinks. In addition, 58% are "very interested" in personalized supplements, with Gen Z being the most interested at 71%. Consumers increasingly demand functional wellness products, with 66% seeking help in seven or more areas of health. Millennials want supplements with real food sources (72%) and superfood ingredients (69%).


"Personalization is a big topic for consumers worldwide, and consumers are increasingly willing to share data as long as they see a benefit. We also found that consumers are increasingly looking for products that have natural ingredients. HUM Nutrition is focusing on that. It's also focusing on sustainable packaging design, those two trends have become increasingly important in the consumer health and wellness space," says Sandra Welchering, associate partner at McKinsey.


Health and wellness have become a demarcation of status. Mindfulness, healthy nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle are increasingly areas where consumers can flex their consciousness and outperform each other. And as awareness of burnout and depression grows, self-care will become even more important.

Personalized vitamins


Supplement brands are exploring how consumers respond to personalized vitamin supplements. Personalized supplements are becoming increasingly popular among consumers looking to boost their overall health. Instead of taking multiple supplements, brands have started to create customized supplements containing vitamins tailored to the specific customer's needs.


WellPath is a revolutionary entrant that has launched its first truly customized supplements. WellPath has a personalized approach to modern wellness and seeks to guide the road to better emotional wellness, immunity, and physical appearance. Based on answers on a 30-second quiz, WellPath provides you with suggested items that would be the most beneficial to the individual customer.


The vitamin brand HUM nutrition has also developed a three-minute quiz to help customers determine which nutrients would be beneficial. The quiz matches the customer's goal and HUM's nutrition.


Vous vitamins recognize that consumers suffering from chronic conditions do not want to swallow a handful of pills daily. Based on a physician-made quiz, the company delivers a custom all-in-one vitamin that takes the guesswork out of managing consumers' nutritional health. Based on the online quiz, customers will generate a daily vitamin blend with curated nutrients in the optimal dosing in two small, easy-to-swallow tablets.

At-home vitamin testing

Consumers love the convenience afforded by the on-demand economy. Making sure that customers stay in the best health condition they can, is getting more accessible with at-home testing devices. Instead of going to the doctor to take a blood test, new at-home devices are bringing the same service to the customer's door. This is an easy and efficient solution for consumers looking for a personalized, convenient experience from their homes.


The Vivoo at-home test will conveniently deliver comprehensive data. Through customers simply testing their urine from home, the company offers access to a platform where users can keep an eye on nine wellness parameters. Customers will get a holistic snapshot that captures information on their sodium, magnesium, vitamin C, calcium, ketones, proteins, hydration, and pH level. Furthermore, the company Forth With Life offers a vitamin at-home blood test that checks whether your diet is giving you the nutrition your body needs, including iron, vitamin D, and magnesium. It can also offer insights into customers' diets by measuring their liver and heart health.

Personalized wellness shots

Although health-conscious consumers are passionate about taking vitamins and supplements, many prefer the convenience associated with other on-the-go vitamin-enriched formats. Chewing gums, candies, and snack bites packed with nutrition and vitamins are gaining popularity as an alternative to pills and powders. This way, consumers can get the nutrition they need while enjoying the taste. This is born out of the "wellness anywhere and everywhere" trend, where consumers constantly seek wellness in various formats. Buddy Nutrition sets itself apart from the personalized supplement brands by creating customized smoothie shots and protein powder. Their personalized vitamin shots offer over 1.6 billion combinations. The bases are Berry-Berry Banana and Tropical Mango + Pineapple, which will be boosted with vitamins and adaptogens, nootropics, antioxidants, and collagen, according to the individual consumer's need.

Personalized beauty supplements

Persona has launched a beauty supplement with ingredients that support the skin and improve the structure of the skin and nails. It contains horsetail plant extract, collagen, and CoQ10 for antioxidant protection. The mix can be blended into smoothies and juices or consumed with water. Customers take a five-minute test online, and persona nutrition recommends the nutrition that suits the customer's need. If customers struggle with skin issues, the company will find the proper nutrients to reduce the symptoms. Beauty and skin care supplements have grown significantly, and customers are demanding a personalized experience, which there is a lack of currently on the market.

Personalized gummies

The global CBD gummies market was valued at USD 1.6 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30.7% from 2021 to 2028, according to Grand Wire Research. CDB has become a popular ingredient among consumers dealing with chronic pain, depression, or anxiety. Micro-dosing is still a relatively new phenomenon, which can cause the consumer to feel anxious about it. The Curaleaf Plant Precision edibles are a new line of wellness products for consumers looking to enjoy the benefits of cannabis in a customized manner. They offer a customized solution to how the plant can best serve the customer. "These products empower people to explore cannabis beyond THC and CBD and offer more customizable solutions on how the plant can best serve a consumer's personalized needs" Matt Darin, CEO of Curaleaf, says in a press release.


Plant Precision's lineup features four gummies that pair 2.5mg of THC per unit with other minor cannabinoids for targeted effects. Balance gummies are apple-flavored, containing 10mg of CBD and a calm result. Slumber is cherry flavored and features 10mg of CBN, known for its sleep-aiding properties. Pineapple-flavored Soothe contains 10mg CBG for anti-inflammatory and workout recovery effects. Lemon-flavored Boost features 10mg of THCV, which is energizing. Also, the line is Relieve topical gel, which contains only THC.


The company Nourished delivers tailor-made nutrition in a gummy vitamin. The company is the face behind the world's first personalized 3D printed gummy vitamin containing daily vitamins & nutrients. The tailor-made nutrition gummy is also 100% vegan, eco-friendly, and has a pleasant taste.

Evidence-based supplements

The company Baze hopes to revolutionize supplements and vitamins by providing customers with a personalized experience. Their site claims to be the only evidence-based personalized vitamin service. The company is having customers take a blood test in order to measure their measure nutrient levels. The company advises the type of supplements customers should take by offering a personalized vitamin subscription service. Baze will remeasure customers' nutrient levels every quarter to optimize the supplement shipped.

Image by Elsa Olofsson

Action Steps


Consider how you could offer your customers nutrition customized to their needs in formats other than supplements. 





Work towards having your product be evidence-based.

Think about how an at-home test and a subscription box could emerge together to serve customers' need for personalized wellness.

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