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Navigating Through Work-Life Pressure and Our Mental Well-being as Generation Z

In a world where technological advancements, societal expectations, and workplace demands are constantly changing, we, Generation Z, find ourselves navigating a complex landscape. A recent survey by Deloitte sheds light on some concerning and thought-provoking aspects of our well-being, particularly in relation to the workplace in Denmark.

According to the survey, up to 40% of us have been absent from work due to stress or anxiety, a troubling statistic exacerbated by the fact that fewer than half have disclosed the actual reason for their absence to their employers. Furthermore, the data indicates that nearly 40% of us feel burnt out as a result of work-related pressures.

Stress, Security, and Honest Communication

Stress is not unfamiliar to us: 41% of Generation Z and 35% of millennials in Denmark report feeling stressed most of the time. This underscores the importance of recognizing that mental health is not an individual challenge but a collective one that requires a structured and compassionate approach from employers.

Why do so many choose to conceal their true feelings and concerns in the workplace? It suggests a lack of security and a fear of potential negative consequences for being honest about our mental well-being.

Burnout and Work Patterns

Significant burnout among us indicates a need to examine and potentially restructure work patterns and demands. If nearly 40% are leaving their jobs due to burnout, it calls for an exploration of how work structures and cultures can be changed to promote well-being.

Solutions and Strategies for Better Mental Health

There is an evident desire and necessity for a more open dialogue about mental health and greater education for leaders in managing employees' mental well-being. This includes not only respecting working hours and refraining from sending work-related messages outside of working hours but also creating an environment where it is safe to share and discuss mental health without fear of stigma or professional consequences.

The Way Forward

As Generation Z enters the workforce with ambition, creativity, and innovation, we must navigate this space with an understanding and respect for our mental health. Employers must acknowledge and address the mental health challenges we face, and together, we can build a more resilient, supportive, and empathetic workplace for everyone.

The survey highlights an important conversation that needs to be held and continuously developed across generations, industries, and levels of management. Together, we and our employers can create a future that not only promotes professional growth but also personal and collective well-being.

Note: For in-depth insights and further information, please refer to the '2022 Gen Z and Millennial Survey' published by Deloitte.


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