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Skin Boosting Snacks

Trend description

Skin-boosting snacks are the next lucrative opportunity in the crowded beauty space. As a part of the more significant wellness trend: "beauty everywhere and anywhere," skin-boosting snacks have become a new emerging trend, especially among Chinese Gen Z consumers.


Trend drivers

Beauty consumers are no longer looking for vitamin supplements or drinks; they are looking to consume snacks in a fun and innovative way that will boost their skin's health. The rise of beauty snacks is a part of the wellness trend, demanding skincare "everywhere and anywhere." Consumers now demand that skincare be found everywhere and anywhere, in snacks, drinks, or meals, at home or on the go. Innovative snacks being good for the skin, such as collagen bars or anti-sugar gummies, are among some of the products Gen Z consumers are demanding. Increasing health concerns due to the pandemic have allowed this trend to flourish. Healthy food and beauty from within have become a big priority for customers, and it is no surprise that these trends have come together.

The edible beauty market is a niche market that holds untapped market potential and presents a new and exciting opportunity for brands to enter the niche. There is especially demand in the Chinese market for this, with the growing base of beauty junkies. China's edible beauty market is predicted to become a 3.7 billion (23.8 billion RMB) industry by 2022. China's overall beauty industry is forecast to reach around $84 billion in 2023, according to Zhiyan Consulting. Sales of edible beauty packs on Alibaba grew 2000% year-on-year in 2019. Collagen candies and skin-boosting juices with salon-level skincare ingredients are among some of the products that have gained popularity among Chinese Gen Z consumers.


The edible beauty movement is not only about beauty from within but about having a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. The proper nutrients can ensure the skin is the healthiest. A clinical study around a collagen drink published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology showed a massive improvement in skin health among women who drank the collagen drink. Gen Z consumers are turning to food, drinks and exercise in order to improve their skin.

Plant-based skin boosting snacks

Beauty supplements have gained popularity in the last decade. Oral moisturizers, also known as ceremonies, have shown a dramatic effect on skin moisturizing and tightening when it is taken consistently. However, the classic supplement format is expected to expand into food formats instead.


Collagen is one of the most important anti-aging ingredients and has gained consumers' attention quickly and become a mainstream edible beauty ingredient. Consumers' familiarity with the health benefits of collagen has made products with collagen a popular choice for customers.


The market is showing a strong interest in plant-based options. However, collagen does not align with the trend for vegan food and supplements, as collagen is usually animal-derived. Therefore there is a rise in plant-based alternatives to collagen in the edible beauty market. There is growing evidence that tomato phytonutrients in skincare could prevent collagen loss and lead to an increase in the skin's collagen production.


Furthermore, we see more snacks with skin-boosting effects, especially among Korean beauty brands. The online beauty store Kori kat has revealed that seaweed is among some of their top-selling beauty product snacks, which people buy in different flavors for their skin. Seaweed is loaded with minerals and vitamins.


Overall, we see a rise in the vegan edible beauty market that takes new formats, such as liquids, powders, soft chews, bars, and shots, that are starting to attract the consumer's attention.

Facial Masking Plus Snacking

A new trend has flourished: consumers want to do self-care rituals while snacking on skin-boosting snacks. This two-in-one package has been popular among Gen Z consumers who wish to treat themselves during a facemask session. The skin-brightening relax pack by C-beauty brand CHANDO and the snack brand Pejoy have come together to do a collaboration that gives customers what they look for. The combo pack includes a facemask and breadsticks that customers can enjoy while masking. Both products contain the trending skin care ingredient niacinamide and therefore have skin-boosting effects.

Chinese Skin - Healing Snacks

Brands are playing with innovative flavors and ingredients inspired by Chinese medicine to meet the demands of the constantly changing and experimental Gen Z consumer. A beauty collaboration pushing the boundaries is the famous Chinese ice cream company Chicecream which has collaborated with the skincare supplement brand Xiaoxiandun. They have created an innovative ice cream infused with edible bird's nest; a skin-healing ingredient known in Chinese Medicine.

Action Steps


Consider switching out collagen with plant-based ingredients with similar effects to enter the plant-based beauty snack market.





Consider how you can create a "wellness on the go" skin boosting product to ease consumers' access to skin boosting products. 

Consider new innovative ways that you could apply skin boosting benefits to food or drinks. 

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