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Our 65-page Gen Z trend report looks at this game-changing generation's impact on the beauty world and how we will continue to influence the industry into 2023.


The annual report uncovers 30 key trends for 2023 that will emerge as a result of Gen Z's unique attitude and behavior. This report covers how the blend of physical and digital shapes Gen Z consumerism, how Gen Z's view on mental health will affect the beauty industry, and how consumer worries about the beauty industry being a significant environmental sinner will shape the industry in the future.


This trend report covers how Gen Z increasingly expects to live freer than ever and construct their own identity rather than the one prescribed to them by society will affect the beauty industry. Lastly, the report covers how Gen Z's holistic view of well-being effect beauty and makes consumers aware of how their emotions, energy levels, and menstrual cycle will affect their skin.


This in-depth report provides beauty brands with a future perspective, enabling them to position themselves uniquely against their competition while generating interest and demand for your products from Gen Z. 


Gen Z Redefining Beauty 2023

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