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We help you identify tomorrow's opportunities & adapt to the next generation of consumers.

We help you get ahead of what the next generation of consumers want.


Our expertise are in the following sectors:


Personal Care & Beauty, Health & Wellness, Food & Drink, Luxury & Hospitality.

Gen Z consumers

Trend & Market
Opportunity Reports

We look into the future by understanding Gen Z, the most influential & forefront generation and the next significant spending power. Get deep insights into how Gen Z will significantly impact your business over the coming years in order to future-proof your company - or discover what the next generation of consumers want & need in future. We help lifestyle, luxury & consumer brands or investors unpack future profitable market & product demands and opportunities that Gen Z will present. Our monthly trend report help companies to drive profitability, identify new sector opportunities and stay ahead of the curve. By combining verified quantitative data with expert Gen Z insights based on the future subject of your choice, we can also create bespoke reports to suit the needs of your business.

Strategy Consulting

The influence of Web3, COVID-19, the increasing demand for universal convenience, and the effects of unbridled consumption are shaping Gen Z consumerism and require radically different brand strategies. We seek to help our clients create desirability and impact for a reality in which Gen Z is shaping the future. With deep insight into the trend shaping the lifestyle sector and Gen Z's consumer behavior, we help our clients to harness market trends, adapt to emerging consumer expectations and position their brands for future success. In an age of digitalization and distribution, we help build and future-proof brands, products, services, marketing communications, or customer experience, helping clients to adapt & attract Gen Z. We help companies align their strategy with needs & wants of the next generation of consumer's.

Beauty and wellness products
Gen Z tiktok user

Product Innovation
& Creative Direction

Whether launching a new product or service or responding to industry & consumer changes, ZO Communication can help inspire your team to create innovations for the next generation of consumers that will stand out in. Successful innovation is built on deep human understanding. Benefit from the latest thinking in forecasting and Gen Z consumer behavior to identify and launch solutions that re-shape your industry. We help you understand Gen Z's needs wants & desires in the moments that matter, and find the opportunities that will drive growth for your business and your brand, now and in the future. We help your company find the sweet spot between what the market offers and what the next generation of consumers is looking for. We'll inspire you with market & forecasting insights, brand identity, creative mood boards & the data needed to create products for the next generation of consumers.

Great dissection into emerging trends for both myself and my team. Contains both a good review of the general landscape and as well as actionable insight.

- Founder, Versine Skincare

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